Our R & D Working Principles

Our R & D Working Principles

Our R&D culture adopts the following values, values them, and undertakes to carry out our research and development activities within the framework of these values.

Honesty, Reliability, Responsibility

  • We adhere to the rules of confidentiality and reliability, taking into account R & D secrets of our organization.

Scientifics’s, Innovation, Creativity and Change Clarity

  • We care and value reason and knowledge in order to produce and learn information.

We believe that scientific productivity is essential for effective and innovative thinking to turn into tangible results.


  • We consider doing innovative work for all R & D activities as an important principle of patenting as a result of these studies.
  • We endeavor to constantly improve and improve all our activities, and try to achieve perfection by looking at the future with hope.
  • We develop our knowledge and skills by following technological and scientific developments.

Efficiency and Activity

  • We know that we are aware of the importance of working discipline so that we can carry out our strategies.
  • We believe that creating value-added is among our priorities with the awareness that scientific production must be made available to the public.
  • We regard measurability as an indispensable condition of the scientific approach.

Respecting the Law

  • The most important principle of our R&D Center is the compliance of our activities and services with the basic principles of the R&D process, national and international legislation, and internal regulations, social and ethical values.
  • When there is a difference between a legal obligation and our Code of Conduct, we aim to apply the highest standards.                                                                                    

Customer Focus

  • Satisfaction of our customers determines our success. We provide our knowledge and best solutions to our customers so that we can give them the best service quickly and efficiently.   

Equal Opportunity


  • Our R & D Center adopts equal treatment and unbiased approach to third parties in all its activities.

  • Politics that are unequal such as religion, language, gender, age, ethnicity, we stand in the face of all kinds of discrimination by excluding opinions and physical obstacles, decisions about our recruitment processes and our employees.  


  • Our R & D Center opens up tangible, comprehensible and timely, accurate and comparable information on financial and technical issues related to our work.  

Teamwork and Sharing

  • We attach great importance to creating a common team spirit as our employees, collaborators and closest stakeholders to our customers. The cooperation and team spirit we have established with our stakeholders will continue to drive our R & D Center forward in the future.

  • We adopt and implement the technological innovations in this regard that the sharing and spreading of information can be used by accessing the information resources of the society and its employees. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Our R & D Center; sensitive to the environment, protect the environment for generations of today and tomorrow, comply with applicable environmental protection laws and regulations, work in accordance with occupational safety and health legislation. 
  • We are aware of our responsibilities of collecting in which we live.

We have the value of the accumulation that the community we have developed in us and the nature that we owe it is the natural end result.