We produce superior quality products in our factory equipped with modern technology and direct the future of the industry with our innovative work.

Sekeroglu Plastic Packaging was founded in 1959 in Konya. Our family operated company is aimed at providing new, unique and quality products and services specifically for the food sector by using plastic packaging production, in-mold labeling (IML) and offset printing methods and by method of injection of the thin-walled rigid plastic packaging. Our company is one of Turkey's leading companies in this respective sector.

Sekeroglu Plastic Packaging ; In the global world where customer expectations and relationships change very rapidly, we have a professional experienced team and specializing in the areas of modern technology, hygienic infrastructure, R & D experience, mold design and manufacturing, automation design & production, these expectations are always focused on meeting and optimizing processes.  In addition, infrastructure, technical equipment and the capacity of its custom made project opportunities has made us one of the industry's leading companies in its sector.

For Sekeroglu Plastic Packaging ; Quality, work, safety and hygiene are among the biggest expectations in production. The high expectation of the clients in the food sector as well as in other areas requires that these factors are managed in the highest level of expertise.  With this purpose, as our standard, we have achieved ISO 9000 QMS in 2003, ISO 22000 GGS in 2007, ISO 14000 EMS and OHSAS 18000 in 2008, SEDEX Responsible in Global Sourcing Chain and Ethical Trade Practices in 2011 and BRC / IOP Global Packing Material Eligibility Standard, which is the global food safety standard in 2013 have created and certified our infrastructure to fully implement all the requirements of the documents.  These achievements were not sufficient to satisfy Sekeroglu’ pursuit of excellence in corporate quality, but rather inspired our search for higher institutional structures to be applicable across the enterprise.

Sekeroglu Plastic Packaging ; has round, square, rectangular, special products and custom made projects in many volumes, shapes and sizes of a wide range of products. Namely, products that are used in the fields of yoghurt, cheese, meat, ice cream, biscuits, halva, cream chocolate, margarine, butter, meat & seafood, bakery products, jam & marmalade, cosmetics, paint, pet food, garden products and many other industries.