Our Establishment Story

Our Establishment Story

Our establishment story as we remember:

(Our late founder İsmet Şekeroğlu, who we gratefully commemorate, tells us:

I was born in 1938 in the village of Başköy in Doğanhisar in Konya where I completed my primary school education. By the time I was 19, I had to complete my 24-month military service before starting a permanent business life. So I went to the military in 1957. After completing the training course in Kütahya, I continued as a branch clerk in the Gendarmerie of Şarkikaraağaç District of İsparta province.  

In the meantime, I had to think and decide what to do about my business life after the military service. In my free time, I used to go to the Gendarmerie library and read various works and take notes. More specifically notes that I thought I could practice later on, I used to typewrite them, thus, I gathered up the theoretical documents that I could establish after the military service.

At home, whenever I got permission to visit my family, I was doing surveys and experiments on the job that I would do. In 1959, when I completed the military service, I thought of the chemical industry to be reasonable for both the market and the applicability. And I decided to work on it.

First of all, with the information I had gathered, the related materials, machinery and equipment I prepared, I started up a pilot project in my village. There were many unexpected problems and failures. 

In order to solve the problems I experienced in this issue, I visited many experts and people working in the field and got their opinions. And ultimately I got the results I wanted. Now I could start to produce large quantities by employing the relevant qualified people.

The date our first production began was in 1959. The name of the company was Sekeroglu. I always felt something special when I created it. I owned him and he belonged to me. As if we had a blood tie between us.  

This process taught me something. Now there was something I always believed in, "- The information should not stay in the books, but it should be tried and put into practice. Otherwise, what would be the benefit of keeping this information in books?