From 1959 to the Future with R&D

From 1959 to the Future with R&D

Research & Development; It consists of innovative work carried out on a systematic basis to increase the knowledge of culture, human and social knowledge, and to use it to design new processes, systems and applications, including software.


Sekeroglu R&D and Innovation Center; We attach great importance to science and technology and innovation in order to be a competing organization in the field of our business activities and to give high value added technology to our country and to create permanent superiority in our business.

Sekeroglu has been a leader since 1959, following the technology to produce innovative products, integrating the latest technologies into our production processes and taking the priority of a domestic R & D that continuously develops the traditional technology, producing its own technology and moving with the passion of developing superior solutions at top level. Sekeroglu has a character that aims to develop different, effective and advanced solutions by considering the compelling effect of competition as a strategy of superiority. As a reflection of this character, R & D studies have reached to the present from the same point of view as 1959 and become an institutional unity under the name of "Sekeroglu R&D and Innovation Center".

This institutional integrity was registered by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology on 21 June 2017 as the "R & D Center" under the law numbered 5746. Sekeroglu R&D and Innovation Center, which is composed of 3 separate lounges, has an area of ​​1,250 m².

Sekeroglu, who develops its own technology and stands out in the international competition in its sector, treats his researches as part of his strategy. Our R&D Center, working in a multi-disciplinary multidisciplinary structure, has transformed its objectives in packaging development, injection molding systems, robotics automation technologies and composite-polymer material development fields into a strategic action plan covering the years 2017-2023.

R & D activities in our center are under three main headings as basic research, applied research and 
experimental development studies. Basic research studies consist of empirical and theoretical studies carried out to obtain new knowledge on the basis of priority phenomena and observable facts, which apparently have no specific application or use. Applied research is the original work carried out to acquire new knowledge. A specific practice is aimed at purpose or goal. Experimental development, on the other hand, involves the production of new materials, new products or devices using existing knowledge obtained from research and / or practical experience; to establish new processes, systems and services; it is a systematic work which is aimed to develop the existing ones which are already produced or established.